About Us

Desert Alchemist is a Tucson, AZ based company founded by Hernan Castro. We focus on creating natural extracts made from real fruiting bodies of mushrooms and herbs; 90% are wild harvested in Arizona, while some mushrooms are grown locally by Desert Alchemist. We take pride in making potent extractions using a proprietary process that Hernan Castro designed himself with his chemistry background and research. We do not use fillers or myceliated rice! Hernan has spent the last six years studying mycology and researching Medicinal Mushrooms.

Hernan's interest in nature, botany, and mycology continues and the results are found in the company Desert Alchemist. The company was founded because of his desire to find a natural way to support the health of his father. He started researching the medicinal properties of mushrooms and herbs, which led him to create an extract that would support his father's nervous system. He began taking the extract and after four months, both Hernan and his dad, noticed a distinct improvement in his father's health. Fast forward to today, and Desert Alchemist offers a variety of mushroom and herbal extracts that contain natural support for a variety of systems and overall health. Hernan continues to research and improve myco-floral proprietary blends for his company, so others can experience what nature provides!


 All Desert Alchemist extracts are manufactured and shipped out of our Wharehouse in Tucson, Arizona. All credit card sales shall appear as Desert Achlchemist LLC oncredit card statements. We ship withing 3-5 business days but due to covid pandemic shipping may be slighthly delayed.